Why Ambassador Feeley’s Resignation Is So Devastating

Why Ambassador Feeley’s Resignation Is So Devastating

When the ambassador to Panama resigned his post, U.S. diplomacy lost one of its most talented Latin America hands.
(Source: U.S. Embassy in Panama/Flickr)

My favorite John Feeley story is from the time we accompanied then-Vice President Joe Biden to Guatemala City on March 1, 2015. All of us on the vice president’s national security team were bouncing around in a motorcade to our next meeting, exhausted from the grueling demands of preparing and staffing such a trip. Feeley suddenly bundled his coat into a pillow and laid down to nap for the 15-minute drive to our next stop.

When I exclaimed, “I can’t believe you’re able to sleep in a moving motorcade,” he responded, “Marines have to learn to sleep anywhere,” and then nodded off.

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